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Landscape Design & Construction

When you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor area, it makes sense to stick with one company throughout the process. When you rely on multiple companies for one big project, there’s always the risk that something will slip through the cracks, leaving you with something that’s less than perfect. By working with Reeder Boys from start to finish, you can be sure that your vision for the perfect yard will be realized.

Because we specialize in numerous fields, the consultation process with us is quite involved, and allows you to be explicit in what you’re hoping to achieve out of working with us. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises when we’re finished; from the very start we work hard to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Don’t delay, either give us a call or contact us through our website today, and we can setup a consultation at your earliest possible convenience. The journey towards the landscaping of your dreams starts as soon as you dial our number.

Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping is about more than just cutting grass or planting a new garden, it involves all of the natural elements of your outdoor area. Think of it as a blank canvas, just waiting for you to create something beautiful on it.

As a detail-oriented company, Reeder Boys is perfectly positioned to take care of all your landscaping needs. Our reliable and efficient services mean your garden will always be in great shape, no matter what the season. We are experienced in all aspects of landscaping, ranging from the planting and upkeep of plants, the mowing of lawns, and installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, to keep your lawn green and lush day in and day out.

The first step in any landscaping endeavor should be picking up the phone and giving Reeder Boys a call. With a reputation for beautifying properties, unparalleled customer service, and competitive prices, we’re the clear pick for any landscaping project you may have, no matter how big or small it is.

Reeder Boys can handle all your landscaping needs.

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If you’re tired of spending evenings standing in your garden, hose in hand, a sprinkler systems that is integrated into your lawn saves you time and money, not to mention water. By factoring in the climate, Reeder Boys can optimize your watering schedule.

We’ve been operating long enough to understand how to best coordinate irrigation systems; by factoring in temperature and rainfall, a Reeder Boys-installed and maintained irrigation system will save you water while still keeping your lawn green. Our sprinkler systems are well-integrated into the existing landscape, so you don’t have to worry about them sticking out like sore thumbs.

You won’t even notice they’re there, but what you will notice is how healthy and green your lawn looks, thanks to your new sprinklers. We offer competitive prices, all without sacrificing quality. Other companies may try and cut costs by offering inferior quality goods or slower response times, but we’ve built our reputation on continually providing only the highest level of customer support and top tier products.

Recent Landscaping Work


Reeder Boys both plants and removes shrubs on properties, providing top shelf support and advice for those considering either adding or removing greenery from their lawn. Most lawns benefit from the addition of shrubs or hedges. The two can act as a natural fence between you and neighbouring properties, add character to your lawn, and serve as a handy and aesthetically pleasing way of covering up any imperfections, like uneven ground.

A shrub can act as a complimentary plant to your existing foliage, or you can sculpt it into something visually striking, making it the centre of attention. With a few different types of shrubs to choose from, namely deciduous, coniferous and evergreen, the only thing limiting you is how big your lawn is.

We dedicate ourselves fully to every project, no matter how small. Even if you’re looking to plant just a select number of shrubs around your property, you can expect the same high level of care as if you were planning on executing a much larger project. Give us a call today, and let us make your landscaping dreams come true.

Tree Removal

Beyond being an eyesore, damaged or diseased trees can pose a threat to the security of your property. If you are not fully qualified, removing trees yourself can be dangerous; it’s all too easy to cause injury to yourself or others if you’re not skilled in tree removal, which is why we recommend leaving it to professionals like Reeder Boys.

Our careful touch ensures that the area surrounding the trees in question is minimally disturbed. Once the tree is taken care of, we take all the necessary steps to leave your property in better shape than before. We won’t leave behind any unsightly holes or stumps; it’ll be like the tree vanished overnight.

With our modern, high-grade machinery, any trees giving you grief are disposed of swiftly and efficiently, all for a reasonable price. Give us a call today, or use our easy online contact form, and we’ll be in touch.


The main benefit of mulch comes from its ability to preserve soil moisture, but it also helps combat weed growth and improve soil health, as well as serving as a visually interesting addition to your lawn. Mulch also helps to protect your soil from the elements. All told, mulch is really just a great way to keep your outdoor space looking great, and your soil chock full of nutrients. A lot of water can be lost due to evaporation, so mulch serves as a way to prevent this.

Mulch comes in many forms, so there’s bound to be one that suits your needs while also adding another interesting visual element to your outdoor area. Organic mulch types include peat moss, wood or bark chips, grass or straw, and pine needles. The main purpose of organic mulch is that it helps your outdoor spaces by introducing nutrients into the soil.

As the mulch decomposes, nutrients are released, giving the surrounding area extra help in its growth cycle. While this means your plants will receive more of a boost than with inorganic mulch, it also requires a bit more upkeep. Inorganic mulch, such as volcanic rock, an assortment of stones, fabrics, and plastics, is a good choice if you’re looking for something that is a bit more hands off, while still being visually pleasing.

Inorganic mulch won’t break down as quickly as its organic counterpart, making it a cost effective alternative to other forms of mulch. Give us a call today and after a consultation to assess your needs, our friendly and experienced staff will get to right to work.


While for decades the idea of a green lawn and garden full of vibrant, pleasant smelling flowers has dominated how owners think of their outdoor space, xeriscaping is increasingly catching on as an environmentally friendly alternative to garden design. Xeriscaping takes into account the climate and topography, creating a system that is perfectly suited to the conditions.

While you may be picturing a garden that’s mostly made up of rocks and cacti, there are plenty of options out there for those looking to set something up. With Reeder Boys' LLC’s eye for detail, your xeriscape garden will be every bit as beautiful and vibrant as a traditional one. Drought-tolerant and less thirsty plants don’t have to be boring.

If you’re looking to add some colour, why not opt for something like blue sage, whose flowers and fragrant smell make a wonderful addition to any garden, or poppies, which, with their vibrant petals, are certainly hard to miss. Rocks and drought-resistant grasses are also good to include in your garden, serving as a way to highlight and frame your more colourful plants.

The benefits of xeriscaping are numerous. Beyond requiring very little water, the plants used in xeriscaping require little maintenance, meaning the costs associated with it are lower than in traditional landscaping. It also means less time spent in the garden pulling out weeds. Xeriscaping works with the environment, instead of against it. In many climates, achieving a beautifully green carpet of lawn is simply not sustainable, because the environment is not suited to that type of plant.

By considering which native species exist, Reeder Boys' LLC is able to create eye-catching gardens that flourish without too much upkeep on your part. Another major bonus is how unique xeriscaping can be. As it’s a departure from the more traditional garden layout, xeriscaping allows you to truly exercise your creativity in finding interesting plants and rock formations to enhance the natural landscape of your property. With xeriscaping, the options are limitless. Contact us to start discussing your future garden today.